well thought,
well done

ragsol’s experience and know-how are based on more than 80 years of field operation by RAG. Our main focus is to produce oil and gas much more efficiently by using a holistic approach that is completely new to the market.

It is important to emphasize that our comprehensive approach to modernizing oil and gas fields does not neglect environmental standards. ragsol is proud to be able to manage valuable natural resources in a highly responsible and ecologically friendly way.


Improving the present. Exploring the future.

Courage, conviction and thinking out of the box leads us to pioneer new approaches. We never lose sight of the big picture, but we also take account of potential, the status quo, and future developments and challenges.

Complicated circumstances.
Easy solutions.

  • Supermature
  • 98%
  • Sand
  • Corrosion
  • Waxing
Minor intervention
Zero stranded investments
Environmentally friendly

Our Approach: Digging into soil.
And data.

Our efficient oilfield digitalization is based on more than 80 years of operational experience in combined brownfield development with new state-of-the-art technology.

The multidisciplinary project team develops a holistic approach covering all relevant operational disciplines, under the headings of production improvement, cost savings and health and safety.

More about Smart Brownfield & our solutions

Improving the oil flow. Cash flow. And work flow.

ragsol offers an innovative approach to oilfield digitization from an operator perspective that takes big data and industry 4.0 into account. The objective is to shift mature brownfields to state-of-the-art smart technology as required by company management, in the context of a low oil price scenario, minor hydrocarbon production rates, high water cuts and the availability of a certain percentage of a well’s turnover for digitization and monitoring.

The Smart Brownfield

Our smart brownfield approach is based on a team of multidisciplinary professionals, working on projects to introduce and implement state-of-the-art technology solutions in order to optimize production in mature brownfields. The project team consists of three main pillars covering key organizational, business and technical aspects.

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