Down to earth.
Up for success.

ragsol’s edge over all other smart field competitors is our holistic approach that  reflects all relevant disciplines (the “big picture”) while maintaining the focus and flexibility to finalize and implement the results drawn from our experience (key personnel for all relevant technical disciplines) and our leadership team. ragsol’s major competitive advantage and USP is that we are a leading service provider with decades of operational experience.

Complicated circumstances.
Easy solutions.

Mature fields are the most lucrative source of revenue for most operators worldwide. ragsol was founded, and its business approach developed, to meet the challenges of a high watercut, sand production, waxing, corrosion and high environmental standards presented by such mature fields.

  • Supermature Environment
  • 98% Watercut
  • Sand Production
  • Corrosion
  • Waxing

The Smart Brownfield

Our smart brownfield approach is based on a team of multidisciplinary professionals, working on projects to introduce and implement state-of-the-art technology solutions in order to optimize production in mature brownfields. The project team consists of three main pillars covering key organizational, business and technical aspects.

Doing well?
We’ll do even better.

  1. Cost Savings 25-40 % reduction in unit operating costs Average SRP system runtime of 7 years Annual cost savings of $ 80,000 per well
  2. Increased production thanks to longer life span and reduced operating costs.
  3. Improved efficiency reduces failures and the need for workovers. 2005 190 failures 2008 20 failures 2018 5 failures per 100 active wells
  4. Enhancement of inflow performance with alternative workovers at no extra cost.
  5. Unlocking potential by efficient deployment of employee resources.
  6. Striking a balance between too little and too much information.

We extract solutions.
And inject efficiency.

ragsol’s portfolio generates significant added value (as a revenue stream) for oil and gas companies. The introduction of efficient technology reduces production costs, yet does not involve high levels of investment. Within this context, a key aspect must be emphasized: the well, because it is the sole element creating value in oil and gas production.

It takes efficiency and perfect information transfer between people and across disciplines within a company to unlock the full potential of a well.

  • Outlining the scope of work: Establishing all technical and business aspects of the project.
  • With experienced ragsol engineers.
Conceptualization & Quotation
  • Defining the scope of work.
  • Drafting of binding quotation based on SOW.
  • Implementation phase for measures decided in advance.

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