Facility Solutions

Based on RAGs vast experience as an E&P operator, RAGSOL is able to provide expertise in the field of facility engineering. Our experts & senior personnel is able to consult on facility design, process control and HSE management. RAGSOL is providing “Modular Well Facilities”, which includes a pool of facilities that are used for the efficient production of oil & gas wells. All facility components are implemented in 20” and 40” containers. The uniform design and construction style allow a simplified use, high safety standards of operation, simple scalability for tailor-made needs (e.g. one well – whole station – tail-end production). The high flexibility as well as the simple mobility and thus the cost effectiveness are the major advantages of this concept.

  1. Modular oil production facilities
  2. Modular gas production facilities
  3. Modular oil & gas production auxiliary facilities

Other Ragsol Solutions

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