Low-cost data transmission

Since low-cost data transmission is often hardly to achieve in the oilfield, it is of utmost importance to maintain independence from third-party providers. An “Oilfield WiFi” is our way to integrate a novelty data transfer solution – MIOTY – in data generation technologies. MIOTY – a LPWAN, which is capable to empower industries and communities alike. It is the most accessible, robust and efficient Massive IoT connectivity solution on the market. mioty-alliance.com


  1. Minimum interference and maximum reliability - patented Telegram Splitting technology
  2. Maximum efficiency for worry-free operations – 20+ years of battery life
  3. Private, license-free and flexible – retrofit
  4. Unmatched scalability and messaging capacity – 1,000,000+ devices per network
  5. Future proof and hardware agnostic – ETSI compliant
  6. Fastest mobility application on the market – operating at 120 km/h

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