Wellcell is a device for undertaking performance monitoring on sucker rod pump wells in a client’s fields. The aim is to take these measurements with minimum work force effort, reducing HSE risks on site and delivering high flexibility with little or no data input effort.

Wellcell measures and provides data output on:

  1. Dynamometer card
  2. Rod load
  3. Strokes per minute
  4. Subsurface dynamometer card
  5. Estimated production rate (taking volume correction factor into account)
  6. Pump filling

The device is also able to detect the following abnormal conditions:

  1. Fluid pound
  2. Rod breakage
  3. Gas lock

Wellcell measures polished rod load and calculates or measures the rod position. Both are merged in one file (= dynamometer card) and sent to a server for processing and visualization. All measurements and calculations are undertaken by means of two parameter settings. The device is primarily manufactured in Europe and includes one US component.

Technical Data

Rod Load
30k and 50k
Power Supply
230VAC @50Hz
Ambient temperature
-20 to +50°C
ATEX certification
Ethernet RJ45 Ports
USB 2.0 ports
DVI port
Controller hardware
min. 2 Cores @1,75GHz 4GB DDR3-RAM
30GB Memory Flash card
IP 55
integrated UPS for persistent data backup
Physical IO board
for variety of signals: (e.g.: 4–20mA, 0–10V, 0–20mA, PTC, NTC, U, f, NAMUR)

Frequently asked

Can the Wellcell be installed at any sucker rod completion?

The intelligence is basically independent of mechanical condition. ragsol’s standard solution is a 30k load cell, but this is not a limitation. 

We already have an electronic load cell installed at our wells. Can we connect it to your intelligence?

Yes, it is possible to connect an existing electrical load cell to our controller. From there the data is processed and transmitted to ‘Zister’ and can be accessed from a computer or mobile devices.


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