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Our unifying oilfield digitization concept ZISTER INTELLIGENCE serves as assistant for field development and day-to-day decision making. It can be designed to optimize operations, engineering and corporate strategy. The work flow of this concept has been applied to on shore oilfields and facilities around the globe for different well types (SRP, PCP, ESP etc.). It is able to be customized as the situation demands. This original concept constitutes an innovative approach that combines the old analogue with the new digital world to create what we call smart brownfields. Already existing heterogenic data will be homogenized and made accessible for the whole company. RAGSOL utilizes decades of experience in E&P operations and combines it with state-of-the-art software development. We call this process of digitizing expert knowledge “customized algorithm design”. Our team of software engineers is in daily exchange with the senior staff to improve ZISTER INTELLIGENCE permanently. The philosophy: less is more and keep it simple.

Our data management concept consist of the following aspects:

  1. Holistic approach from an operators point of view
  2. Homogenization and democratization of data
  3. Uniquely developed hardware as well as in-house coded software
  4. Applicable to old infrastructure – Retrofit
  5. Integration of analogue operations into the digital world
  6. Low cost and reliable data (balance between no information and information overflow)

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